Saturday, 27 June 2015

Weekend reading

There was a short report circulating on RexLot this week. I was fortunate enough never to pull the trigger upon more investigation into the background of the principals and some issues with the accounting as well (these contained my initial excitement). A few more items go on the checklist!

Related articles from the FT on China and North Korea:
North Korea and the secrets of Office 39 (FT)
China in Africa: how Sam Pa became a middleman (FT)
Somewhat related: This is what it's like to teach in North Korea (TED)

The usual China section in the weekend reading links:
Article by George Soros, on a partnership with China to avoid a world war (NY Books)
Aung San Suu Kyi goes to China (Chatham House)
New Yorker profile on Xi Jinping (New Yorker)
Thoughts on China (Minority Report)

Recent Wall Street Week episodes with Leon Cooperman and Ken Langone

Howard Marks, the uncomfortably idiosyncratic billionaire (Observer)

Few articles on Japanese activism: Japan opens up to outside directors (WSJ) and recent Sohn HK conference write up (Stockpucker). One more post from Undervalued Japan about the misconceptions of investing in Japan

Crispin Odey, of Odey Asset Management, profiled in Institutional Investor (Institutional Investor)

Recent Jim Rogers interview (Chris Martenson)

Loneliness of the short seller (NY Times)

Two talks from EconTalk: food, agriculture and Cargill, and Hollywood and the future of work

The art of profitability: a look at 23 profit models (Value Walk)