Saturday, 6 June 2015

Weekend reading

What we are reading: China edition (Market Folly)

What Sell-Off? China’s Investors Open New Brokerage Accounts At Record Pace (Barron's). This is getting more out of control by the day:

"Last week, Chinese investors opened 4.4 million new brokerage accounts, setting a new record. China’s stock markets added 1.6 million new investors, a 83% rise from a year ago. Chinese investors used to be able to open only one brokerage account. Starting April 13, they are now allowed to have up to 20 accounts. Many retail investors open new brokerage accounts to boost their chance of getting IPO subscriptions."

The Rise of China and its Impact on the Future Global Order (LSE)

Foreign Hedge Funds Nudge Japan: Exit, Unwind And Form A YieldCo! (Barron's)

One long title but an insightful article: Making right Buffett’s biggest mistake in Asian wide-moat innovators (BeyondProxy)

Applicable to great many people in finance: Think you work hard? Bet you don't! (FT)

How data, not humans run this Danish football club (The Correspondent)

Great post on “value investing and the art of doing nothing" (Undervalued Japan)

On a related note: "doing something syndrome" (Farnam Street)

"The 19th Century American writer Henry David Thoreau said: ‘It is not enough to be busy; so are the ants. The question is: What are we busy about?’ Don’t confuse activity with results. There is no reason to do a good job with something you shouldn’t do in the first place.”

Charles Munger says, ‘We’ve got great flexibility and certain discipline in terms of not doing some foolish thing just to be active – discipline in avoiding just doing any damn thing just because you can’t stand inactivity.’

What do you want to accomplish? As Warren Buffett says, ‘There’s no use running if you’re on the wrong road.’"

Robert de Niro’s honest commencement speech at NYU: “You are all…” (he didn’t say the luckiest people on the planet) (Vanity Fair)

Neil Strauss, the author of the Game, interviewed on James Altucher's podcast

For the fellow jazz nuts out there: Jazz guitarist John Pizzarelli interviewed by Barry Ritholtz (Bloomberg)

Fortune on one of my pet peeves in an article titled “The war on big food” (Fortune)

Very interesting short video on the T Cell (Cambridge University)