Sunday, 22 November 2015

Weekend reading

John Malone: Scale Very Important In Media Space – Full Interview (Value Walk)

Why and how do Munger and Buffett “discount the future cash flows” at the 30-year U.S. Treasury Rate? (25iq)

Visio Capital Management interview on (Opalesque)
Visio is one of the longest-running and largest independent South African hedge fund management companies with offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town. As of September 2015, Visio’s flagship fund returned 5192% since inception (31.1% average net annual return), with only one down year (2008, -5%)

Jason Zweig interview on demystifying Wall Street (Wealthtrack)

The Single Best Interview Question You Can Ask (Farnam Street)

Surveying the Ghost Cities of China (Priceonomics)

Sir John Templeton Tribute From Franklin Templeton (Value Walk)

It's starting - Foreigners Give Up On Asia As Central Banks Diverge (Barron's
On a rolling 12-month basis, foreigners became net sellers of Asian equities, data provided by Credit Suisse shows

From Adam Grant (author of Give and Take): The Virtue of Contradicting Ourselves (NY Times)

Children don't ruin women's careers — husbands do, Harvard study finds (National Post)

How Friendships Change in Adulthood (Atlantic)

Does being self-deprecating help or harm you socially? (Hopes and Fears)