Sunday, 8 November 2015

Weekend reading

Howard Buffett Is Getting His Hands Dirty (Bloomberg)

Edge Master Class 2015: A Short Course in Superforecasting (via Value Investing World) (Edge)

Oldest South African hedge fund (Opalesque)

Stan Druckenmiller Interview (Vienna Capitalist)

AMA on Charlie Munger: What did Charlie Munger Learn from Phil Fisher? (25iq)

A Dozen Things I’ve Learned from Charlie Munger (Distilled to less than 500 Words) (25iq)

100-year-old companies: How to Stay on Top for the Long Term (Fortune)

Capital Allocation at Asian Wide-Moat Innovators - probably linked this before but within the article there is a succinct checklist on capital allocation (Beyond Proxy)

A visit to Zimbabwe (Platinum Asset Management)

Jamaican Twofer: Book Review and Notes (Minority Report)

MiB: Mario Gabelli of GAMCO (Ritholtz)

Ahead of the elections this weekend - The New Burma (60 Minutes)

The Marginal Productivity of Chinese Debt Has Gone From Bad to Much Worse – Not Good for the Rebalancing Case (Gavekal)

On a three centuries paper trail at Coutts - The private bank manages its corporate past through a trove of records from wealthy clients (FT)

This is a wonderful video (excerpted from George Monbiot's TED talk) on - How Wolves Change Rivers (Youtube)