Sunday, 12 July 2015

Weekend reading

On the recent events in the Chinese market:
Story of China Still Intact Despite Market Downturn (Mobius)
Uncertainty persists despite China's stock bounce (Asian Review)
Market turbulence in China tests Xi’s reform agenda (FT)
Kerr Neilson's, portfolio manager of the Platinum International Fund, take on the Chinese stock market (Barron's)

Activist investors love spin-offs. Here’s why you should, too (Fortune)

Male Investors vs. Female Investors (WSJ)

The Rise of Asia’s Wide-Moat Machine Innovators (Beyond Proxy)

Meet Leon Cooperman, CEO & Founder Of Omega Advisors (Value Walk)

Our heretical (and not-so-simple) views on the Greek referendum (Alcimos; originally found on Vienna Capitalist)

Billionaire Rales brothers ready for a new act in split of Danaher (Washington Post)

The Inside Story of How the iPhone Crippled BlackBerry (WSJ)

A Dozen Things I’ve Learned from Ben Horowitz about Management, Investing and Business (25iq)

On Philanthropy: A Conversation with Oscar Tang, Ronnie Chan and Steve Schwarzman (Value Walk)

Graphics of languages spoken across the world (SCMP)

George Mumford, who was the psychology and mindfulness coach to Phil Jackson's teams in the NBA, recently published a great book called the Mindful Athlete, which I highly recommend. Chapter 1 of the book is excerpted on his website

Recent podcasts I've listened to:
Michael Singer (author of Untethered Soul and Surrender Experiment) on James Altucher
Mimi Ikonn interviewed by Brian Rose (London Real)
Sam Harris on Tim Ferriss' podcast