Sunday, 8 February 2015

Weekend reading

Graham and Doddsville Winter 2015 issue

Recent coverage of Buffett in the FT on the upcoming 50th anniversary letter: (i) article on Buffett (ii) video on Buffett and (iii) Seth Klarman on what he learned from Buffett

Forbes on Li Ka-shing's recent corporate reshuffle

Podcasts: Tom Russo on China (BeyondProxy) and Jean-Marie Eveillard (Wealthtrack)

Great interview with Jeroen Bos (5GQ)

Continued series on accounting fraud in Asia (BeyondProxy)

Mark Mobius' post on Greece

Great posts from Farnam Street on (i) decision making and (ii) influencing others

Value investing and the virtue of being lazy (undervaluedjapan)

Bruce Berkowitz's recent investor call (ValueWalk)