Sunday, 1 February 2015

Weekend reading

A kinder, gentler activisim (DealBook)

Gates Foundation annual letter and interview on Charlie Rose

Great collection of Buffett case studies and articles on csinvesting: (i) From liquidator to operator (ii) Dempster Mill (iii) Sanborn Map (iv) See's Candies

A dozen things I've learned from Joel Greenblatt (25iq)

Preview of Mohnish Pabrai's office with Guy Spier (Manual of Ideas)

Interesting book review of 'The Tides of Capital'. Essentially an overview of the 1990s and 2008 financial crises and their impact on Asia (China RT)

Mark Mobius' post on reforms in various Asian countries and impact on small caps

Farnam Street's review of the book 'Powers of Two' on the role of partnerships

London School of Economics public lectures on corporate boards and central banking

Tom Hanks' op-ed in the NY Times on community colleges (link and post from Thomas Stanley)

Navigating the Asian investment landscape; BeyondProxy interview with Michael McGaughy of Yuan Asset (Link)

Vitaliy Katsenelson's post on Softbank (link)