Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Favourite blogs, websites and podcasts

I often get asked about favourite blogs, news sites, magazines, podcasts etc and thought it was worthwhile to post a selection. I've enjoyed following these sites for a long time and hopefully you'll too!

25iq - Tren Griffin's blog on ideas he learns from investors/entrepreneurs
Adventures in Capitalism - Harris Kupperman's blog
Apollo Asia - Claire Barnes' Asia focused, value oriented fund (recommend to check the "what's new" section)
Asia Stocks to Watch - Barron's Asia blog
BeyondBRICS - FT's emerging market blog
BeyondProxy - The Manual of Ideas blog featuring articles from value managers. They also run a podcast
Contrarian Edge - Vitaliy Katsenelson's blog
Cook and Bynum blog
Corner of Berkshire and Fairfax
Cove Street Capital blog
csinvesting - Source of case studies in investing and business
Distressed Debt Investing - Clue is in the title
Economist's Eastern Approaches blog on Eastern Europe
Fundoo Professor - Sanjay Bakshi's blog on value investing, behavioural finance and business
Investment Adventures in Emerging Markets - Mark Mobius' blog on emerging markets
Jason Zweig's investing blog
Market Folly - Daily collection of interviews, videos, articles in the world of hedge funds and value investing
Minority Report - A HK based money managers' take on investing and business
NY Times' Dealbook
Oddball Stocks - Very good blog on the topic of overlooked stocks
Old School Value - Great site run by Jae Jun
Undervalued Japan - Graham and Dodd investing in Japan
Value Buddies - Similar to VIC but focused on Asia
Value Investors Club - The illustrious
Value Investing World ... supplies my daily fix of investing and business links (run by the Boyles Asset Management guys)
Value Walk - Daily collection of interviews, videos, articles in the world of hedge funds and value investing
Vienna Capitalist - Very good blog on investing, economics etc

Non investing
Early to Rise - One of my favourite sites on personal development and generally increasing the effectiveness of your life
Farnam Street - One of the best blogs around on mental models and continuous learning
Gates Notes - Bill Gates' blog
Giveandtake - Adam Grant's blog
Levantine Musings - David Edgerly's blog on the MidEast
Mark Cuban's blog
Seth Godin's blog
Sinocism China Newsletter - Bill Bishop's daily collection of relevant Chinese news
Thomas Stanley's blog (author of the Millionaire Next Door)
Trendwatching - A consumer/retail research organisation with a great free service on up and coming trends (also region specific to Asia, Africa etc)

Bloomberg's Masters in Business - Interviews by Barry Ritholtz
FiveGoodQuestions - Great interviews with value investors
The Investors Podcast - Interviews and discussions about investors and entrepreneurs
James Altucher's podcast
London Real - Brian Rose's weekly interviews with very interesting people
London School of Economics' public lectures and podcasts
Opalesque TV - series of interviews with hedge fund managers
Tai Lopez podcast. He has a daily book club, which I recommend. His recent TED talk
Tim Ferriss' podcast
Wealthtrack - Consuelo Mack's interviews with money managers