Saturday, 13 February 2016

Weekend reading

Investing 101! (SAFAL NIVESHAK)

Amit Wadhwaney Lecture (Fundoo Professor)

Great interview with Christopher Mayer about his recent book 100 Baggers (5 Good Questions)

2016 Daily Journal Corp Meeting Notes (ValueWalk)

Insightful presentation on the "platform company" boom in the context of historical boom/bust cycles of conglomerates and REITS (via Value Investing World)

Great article from the FT on the excesses of very highly levered Chinese acquisitions (FT)
The warnings are clear for ChemChina. The company behind China Inc’s biggest outward investment bid will be hoping to avoid the unhappy experiences suffered by some of the country’s earlier trailblazers.

The state-owned oil company Cnooc , for example, ran into problems after it paid a record $15bn in 2013 for Nexen, one of Canada’s largest oil firms. Cnooc began with good intentions, paying a 60 per cent premium to Nexen’s share price, only to suffer from the prolonged slump in global oil prices. A huge pipeline spill and a retreat from promises to safeguard Canadian jobs — it fired senior Nexen executives and laid off hundreds of staff — have further dented goodwill around the deal. Investments by other Chinese stalwarts have also hit turbulence, falling at regulatory hurdles or unravelling for commercial reasons.

ChemChina’s dream of snapping up Syngenta goes back a long way (Deal Street Asia)
Very thorough discussions on China's place in global politics, the formation of the AIIB and many more topics: LSE SU China Development Forum 2016 - Navigating Complexity (LSE Podcast)

A Dozen Things you can Learn from the Anti-Models that are Bernard Madoff and his Victims (25iq)

I've been going through old articles about Ted Weschler. If you happen to have old letters or other materials about him I'd be delighted to read them
Meet Ted Weschler: Buffett auction winner, Berkshire's new hire (Fortune)
Weschler Rise From Grace Leads to Role Advising Buffett (Bloomberg)
A Disciplined and Driven 'Connect-the-Dots' Investor (WSJ)

Neil Strauss (author of The Game and The Truth) interviewed by Dave Asprey – Situational & Behavioral Awareness (Bulletproof Radio)

Joe Rogan interviews Mark Sisson from Mark's Daily Apple on the primal lifestyle (JRE)

Your Body By Darwin (LSE Podcast)
An evolutionary understanding of our bodies throws new light on why we get ill and how to cure disease. Jeremy Taylor reveals compelling insights from the rapidly developing field of Darwinian medicine.

What Americans Used to Eat (Priceonomics)