Sunday, 6 September 2015

Back to school reading

Summer is over and this fact couldn't have been made more clearer by the recent volatility in the markets. To this end I'd be quite curious to see what you think of the events. I've set up an informal survey (to the right of this post) and would be grateful if you could please take a minute to complete it. I'll be sharing the results next weekend. Thank you!

Below is a selection of articles, book, interviews, podcasts and videos I read and saw in the last few weeks. Hope you'll find them useful. Regular posting will resume shortly.


EU refugee crisis: End of an ideal (FT) and, What is the Europe migrant crisis and how has it evolved? (FT)

The World According to China (NY Times)

How farmers from rural China bet on the stock market and lost (Washington Post)

Would Chinese-style education work on British kids? (BBC)

The Biggest Gamble: Can Macau Beat the Odds? (Bloomberg)

Cooling of China’s Stock Market Dents Major Driver of Economic Growth (NY Times)

Jim Chanos interviewed on Full Disclosure re China and a related article from the WSJ

Only 6% Investors Think China Is Growing At 7% (Barron's)

This game will show you just how foolish it is to sell stocks right now (Quartz)

Highly recommend reading the winning pitches ( and Zhaopin) of SumZero's China TMT competition. Both are great write ups.

Berkshire Hathaway’s Bright Future (Barron's)

One of the best resources of Warren's and Charlie's wisdom (via Value Investing World) (BuffettFAQ)

Fosun defiant over its firepower after share price fall (FT)

Mahindra & Mahindra: India’s Own Version of Berkshire Hathaway? (Beyond Proxy)

Getting To Know Bill Ackman: Six Part Series (Value Walk)

Selection of posts from 25iq: Paul Tudor JonesSam ZellDavid Einhorn and Munger on risk  

Two posts on Colombia from Harris Kupperman and the guys at Capitalist Exploits 

Value Investing and the Art of Reading the Air (Undervalued Japan)

The 10 Richest People of All Time (Time)

Meditation: Why Bother? (Farnam Street)

Not an Introvert, Not an Extrovert? You May Be An Ambivert (WSJ)

Study: The kinds of friendships you have in your 20s and 30s predicts your well-being later in life (Quartz)


Interview with Carol Loomis (Longform Podcast)

Interview with Howard Marks (Masters in Business)

Making sense of the Islamic State: An Organic Crisis in Arab Politics (London School of Economics)


Jim Simons: A rare interview with the mathematician who cracked Wall Street (TED)

How the mysterious dark net is going mainstream (TED)

CBS 60 minutes: with Chinese tennis player Li Na (also watch her hilarious speech after winning the 2014 Australian Open) and a fascinating spy story from the Cold War


Jonathan Haidt - Happiness Hypothesis (Amazon)

Michael Singer - The Surrender Experiment (Amazon)

Blake Mycoskie - Start Something that Matters (Amazon)

Barry Schwartz - The Paradox of Choice (Amazon)

Ronald Chan - Behind the Berkshire Hathaway Curtain (Amazon)

John Kralik - Simple Act of Gratitude (Amazon)