Sunday, 10 May 2015

Weekend reading

Graham and Doddsville Spring 2015 Issue (CBS)

Dozen things I've learned from Julian Robertson (25iq)

Dozen things I've learned from Irving Kahn (25iq)

Very interesting interview, with Peter Kennan of Black Crane Capital, on the peculiarities of value and general investing in Asia (Manual of Ideas)

Gillian Zoe Segal, the author of Getting There interviewed on 5 Good Questions

Odd title but good article nonetheless - Forbes coverage on Bill Ackman (Forbes)

First podcast from the Farnam Street guys, interviewing Michael Maubossin (Farnam Street)

How Mohnish Pabrai and Charlie Munger use a checklist (Value Walk)

Plenty of notes from the recent BRK annual meeting (Value Walk)

Recent FT series of articles and videos on corporate longevity (FT)

Somewhat related to the above (you might say it's a stretch), 60 minutes documentary about a small island is Scotland and the tradition of whisky making (60 minutes)

Stephen Hawking explains the origin of the universe (Farnam Street)

Discussion on Deng Xiaoping vs Gorbachev and the difference between the trajectory of the USSR and China (LSE Public Lectures)