Sunday, 12 April 2015

Weekend reading

Dozen things I've learned from (i) Lou Simpson and (ii) Stanley Druckenmiller (25iq)

Henry Paulson's 8 rules for dealing with a rising China (ChinaRT)

Can Hong Kong catch up to Shanghai? (Barron's Asia). This is incredible:

"Much of the Shanghai rally has been driven by liquidity from retail investors. China’s securities regulator said on average, over 100,000 new stock accounts were opened every working day this year. In the last two weeks of March, over 1 million new accounts were opened – a record. By comparison, Hong Kong is a population of only 7 million.

CBS 60 minutes documentary on Wikipedia (60 minutes)

The messy minds of creative people (Scientific American)

The noise in our head (and artificial intelligence) (Seth Godin). Very succinctly put:

"One reason we easily dismiss the astonishing things computers can do is that we know that they don't carry around a narrative, a play by play, the noise in their head that's actually (in our view) 'intelligence.'

It turns out, though, that the narrative is a bug, not a feature. That narrative doesn't help us perform better, it actually makes us less intelligent. Any athlete or world-class performer (in debate, dance or dungeonmastering) will tell you that they do their best work when they are so engaged that the narrative disappears."