Sunday, 12 October 2014


Documentary about the 1992 crash of the sterling

Manual of Ideas interview with Guy Spier

Buffett interviewed at Fortune's MPW forum

Panel discussion with Jim Chanos, amongst others, on gambling in Macau

Great TED talk on the impact of global remittances

Fast Company coverage on Chuck Feeney (founder of Duty Free Shoppers and the Atlantic Foundation). He took an uncommon approach (about 30 years ago) and decided to give his entire wealth away anonymously. Warren Buffett calls him the spiritual leader of the Giving Pledge. More on Chuck Feeney and his life here.

Outstanding Investor interview from 1989 with Walter Schloss and his son

Mark Mobius' most recent post on emerging markets

Fantastic interview with Arnold Van Den Berg, founder of Century Management (highly recommended to read)

Forbes article on Mohnish Pabrai

WSJ article on the emerging wealthy class in Myanmar

Tim Ferriss interviews Ed Catmulli on his podcast. He is the co-founder of Pixar and recently wrote a book titled Creativity, Inc.