Monday, 22 September 2014

Links of interest

Posting has been limited (almost non-existent) lately due to travel and other commitments. While new write-ups are in the process, below are some interesting articles/videos/interviews that I found over the last few weeks and thought were worthwhile to share.

Fireside chat with the Google co-founders

Excerpt from the Berkshire Beyond Buffett book

Article on Buffett and Benjamin Moore

Latest investor meeting transcript of the Sequioa Fund

Q&A with Guy Spear on his most recent book. More on the book here.

How "Focus Investing" can save your portfolio

Article and notes from Mungers Daily Journal annual shareholders' meeting

One of the best articles I've seen recently on human biases when it comes to investing

Interview with the author of Bling Dynasty, on the emerge of the luxury industry in China

More on luxury: Forbes article on Hermes

WSJ profile on Bill Gates' money manager