Saturday, 23 May 2015

Weekend reading

NYU Stern's Evaluate newsletter on VC investing (NYU)

Recent Mark Mobius posts on ASEAN and investor sentiment

A dozen things I've learned about value investing from Jean-Marie Eveillard (25iq)

Oldie but goodie. So you want to be the next Warren Buffett? How is your writing? (Manual of Ideas)

Couple of episodes from Bloomberg's Titans at the Table: Jonathan Tisch of Loews and Rise of Macau

At Chobani, rocky road from startup status (WSJ)

Bill Gates: How the world will change by 2030 (The Verge)

Recent interesting TED talks: Why sitting is bad for you?, Why we laugh? and Hidden reason for poverty

How men value independence in wives and daughters (WSJ)

Wearing a suit makes people think differently (The Atlantic)

If you want to motivate someone, shut up already (HBR)

Music producer extraordinaire, Rick Rubin interviewed by Tim Ferriss

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Weekend reading

Graham and Doddsville Spring 2015 Issue (CBS)

Dozen things I've learned from Julian Robertson (25iq)

Dozen things I've learned from Irving Kahn (25iq)

Very interesting interview, with Peter Kennan of Black Crane Capital, on the peculiarities of value and general investing in Asia (Manual of Ideas)

Gillian Zoe Segal, the author of Getting There interviewed on 5 Good Questions

Odd title but good article nonetheless - Forbes coverage on Bill Ackman (Forbes)

First podcast from the Farnam Street guys, interviewing Michael Maubossin (Farnam Street)

How Mohnish Pabrai and Charlie Munger use a checklist (Value Walk)

Plenty of notes from the recent BRK annual meeting (Value Walk)

Recent FT series of articles and videos on corporate longevity (FT)

Somewhat related to the above (you might say it's a stretch), 60 minutes documentary about a small island is Scotland and the tradition of whisky making (60 minutes)

Stephen Hawking explains the origin of the universe (Farnam Street)

Discussion on Deng Xiaoping vs Gorbachev and the difference between the trajectory of the USSR and China (LSE Public Lectures)

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Weekend reading

For those at the BRK AGM in Omaha this weekend, have a lot of fun it's a fantastic place to be this time of the year. Though if you are a novice be prepared for some serious elbow fighting during the stampede for the best seats in the morning!

Couple of articles on China related matters

China's Great Migration (FT)

This Listed Chinese Company Won't Stand by It's Own Earnings Report (China RT)

Saved the best for last. I've witnessed many quirky things (to put it mildly) in China but this has to top it all: Rent-a-Foreigner in China (NYTimes)

"The most frequent customers are real estate companies. They believe that filling their remote buildings with foreign faces, even for a day, suggests that the area is “international,” a buzzword in provincial areas that often translates to “buy”."

When you have empty real estate in the middle of nowhere, you use every possible trick in the book to move units!

The Milken Institute's annual even concluded earlier this week. Many interesting discussions. I found this one on building a money management business with a focus on people worthwhile to share

Dan Loeb's Q1 letter (ValueWalk)

Another great podcast from the Manual of Ideas guys with Pat Dorsey. Naturally the discussion is about moats (Manual of Ideas)

Wall Street Week is back in a new setting

Mystery of Billionaires' Long Marriages (FT)

Ending India's Agrarian Nightmare (Foreign Policy)